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Be Remarkable

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of being unremarkable. Sure, I love relaxing and comfortable environments but put me in them too long and I get antsy. Are you antsy? If you are antsy, you feel energy somewhere. It could be in your gut, revving you up for the big talk or big play .. read more

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Dare to let your dreams become urgent

Walt Disney first thought there could be a better amusement park. Before long he started to think he should build it. He had a dream, didn’t let it go, and when he saw the urgency he did something about it. That’s when he shifted from vision to mission. Dare like Disney 1. Decide your dream .. read more

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Progress starts today

As a speaking and communication coach, I regularly see progress in others, understanding that even more progress happens when they focus on making it happen. And as a human being, an introvert and an entrepreneur, I need to coach myself on progress regularly, otherwise it’s easy to fall back into barrier patterns. Can you relate? If .. read more

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Merri’s Tips – Part 3

13. Thinking doesn’t replace doing. Although thinking is hugely important, deciding is moreso. Better yet is acting on the decision. Action is what makes thinking powerful. 14. If you have questions, ask them.  Take advantage of time spent with peers, trainers, coaches, supervisors and mentors. Any moment can be a teachable moment for someone needing .. read more

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