What You See is What You Get

It pays to decide on attainable yet edgy goals, and it really pays to write them down. This focus leads us to steady progress. Already I know I have 4  months that will exceed my goals for next year, and my current focus is to get the other 8 months in line. Yet when I .. read more

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On December 4th, 2012, posted in: action, focus, goals by 1 Comment

Priority Management – a heady chore

For many professionals, Friday is a day to soften the load. We try to leave the office early, schedule events into the day to break up the disciplined focus and look for distractions before Monday rolls around and we’re tied to our tasks again. But for the entrepreneur, the focused business builder and professional trying to .. read more

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Tell a story. Ask for business

I used to go over the top with introducing myself, not knowing how much to say, and usually babbling until what I said sounded good to me. In this case, there were usually a lot of questions my listener had about qualifications and marketing strategy or simply blank stares. Quite often the conversation shifted pretty fast. At .. read more

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Quick Tip for Lawyers who want to Build Business

Time is money. In the lawyer world, this doesn’t only ring true for committing to the billable hour focus. This is true for working ON business as well as IN it. If you were to look at your daily task list, somewhere near the bottom you would no doubt find things like – call Mike .. read more

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On July 5th, 2011, posted in: business building, goals by