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Why I Speak and Other Introverts Should, Too

Every time I speak I feel like a duck. Cool and collected above water while “paddling like hell” underneath! But that’s not why I speak. I remember when I went to my first speech class in high school. My hands were sweaty, my spine felt like jello and I thought I was going to pass .. read more

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On July 28th, 2014, posted in: adrenaline, affirmation, behavior, calm, curiosity, in the zone, introverts by

From a Position of Strength

While superman hoists challenges above his head before flinging them out of the way, onlookers can see the effect on his armpits. Does that hold back Superman? No. Does that hold back the rest of us? Well, usually. The American adage of “Never let them see you sweat” has gripped our collective psyche to the .. read more

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On October 22nd, 2009, posted in: challenges, in the zone, move forward by