For the Introvert Reader

Introverts can’t have too many self-help resources. We eat them up! So today I want to focus on one for the job seeker. I have already shared the resource, self-promotion for introverts, by Nancy Ancowitz. In my posts The Introvert’s Marketing Game Plan and Now for the Don’ts of the Introvert’s Marketing Game Plan you’ll learn .. read more

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Introverts’ Phone call anxiety

I can’t think of many things more anxiety ridden than picking up the phone to make a call. The apprehensions around what am I about to say, will it come out right and what if I need to leave a message all flood my mind, causing me to stall. Suddenly the refrigerator calls to me, or .. read more

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The Hardest Part is What We Crave

Where I grew up in Findlay, Ohio is a pizza parlor that was the first in the area – Jac & Do’s. Their thin crust pizza with ground beef and cheese is the best! You can roll the tiny square-cut pieces right into a roll and pop them in your mouth – so delicious! With .. read more

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On November 3rd, 2011, posted in: crave, feedback, introverts, support by

Where’s the Faith?

Yesterday I was returning to my office from a morning coffee meeting downtown, where I began to notice a pattern in several pedestrians. Many are unafraid to make eye contact. This encourages me. I am quick to smile at those who are willing to connect, to which they often share a greeting. Now that I’m tuned in to .. read more

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On November 2nd, 2011, posted in: introverts, positive, self-doubt by 2 Comments

Putting pen to paper

Yesterday a friend gave me some quality time over coffee. This resulted in my remembering one of my unique gifts. Thank goodness. It got me out of bed this morning! While at Starbucks we were talking about what has been holding us back in our businesses. This struck me, for it’s been an area of focus .. read more

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On November 1st, 2011, posted in: confidence, introverts, story, strengths, writing by 4 Comments

Lawyers take note – our biggest flaw

Everything I coach I have personally needed to develop in – and to a degree, still need. Whether that is public speaking, interpersonal performance or intrapersonal behavior. So when I speak of our biggest flaw, I definitely include myself in the assertion. We get in the way of ourselves far too often. Of all things, .. read more

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Now for the Don’ts of the Marketing Game Plan

Yesterday I shared the value of picking up a copy of this paperback or hardbound copy of Nancy Ancowitz’s extremely resourceful book. If you think you COULD be an introvert (dislike mingling at networking events, would rather not give a presentation, prefer to stay at your desk for lunch, etc.) this is a great resource .. read more

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The Introverts Marketing Game Plan: The Do’s

Nancy Ancowitz’s book, self-promotion for introverts is one of the best reads I’ve found that helps the introvert understand their strengths while trying to promote business. If you can relate to the introvert, get a copy of this book. I know – business development is the hardest piece for this intelligent, committed individual. Yet if .. read more

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The Comfortable Way for Lawyers to Network

Just as Stephanie Francis Ward suggests in her article, Shy Lawyers’ Guide to Becoming a Rainmaker, there is a major quality of many lawyers that serve them will when it comes to networking – their ability to research. How do the two go together? As Ward suggests, it is all about focus. When we network in .. read more

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On July 15th, 2011, posted in: introverts, lawyers, networking, research by 2 Comments

From Anxiety to Enthusiasm – Introverts and Public Speaking

Labyrinthe, by shortgreenpigg I grew up unsure of myself – unsure of how to enter conversation, what to say, how to respond to questions, and unsure of what I thought. This mix of unsurety kept me at arm’s length from relationship development until I was in my mid-late teens. At that point, Beth Huffman, the .. read more

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On June 29th, 2011, posted in: anxiety, introverts, public speaking by 1 Comment