2013 communication

This may not be your firm’s time for planning budgets, yet as you  move into December it can be a strategic time for you to both plan and practice how to communicate in the next year – regarding your relationship building, your marketing, your self-management and follow-through. Plan how to communicate? Yes. When we enter any experience with .. read more

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Self-promotion gut check

Promoting is not my specialty. It isn’t lost on me that my business is to help people share their voice. But self-promotion is and has always been uncomfortable for me. Self-promoting, for an introvert, is logical yet too personal for comfort. So the question is, how do we get beyond the comfort? Like many things .. read more

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Now for the Don’ts of the Marketing Game Plan

Yesterday I shared the value of picking up a copy of this paperback or hardbound copy of Nancy Ancowitz’s extremely resourceful book. If you think you COULD be an introvert (dislike mingling at networking events, would rather not give a presentation, prefer to stay at your desk for lunch, etc.) this is a great resource .. read more

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