Master Mind

Results of Synergy

These past 23 days have been the most incredible of my life! Our last meeting was life-altering! Of the 4 master mind groups I facilitate, the most recent had members speaking the above words – and that’s because they were willing to share their business experiences of what has been working and what are they .. read more

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On January 24th, 2012, posted in: business building, Master Mind, synergy by

Mission Possible

As my readers know, I’ve written about ways to celebrate the introvert over the past several weeks. I understand their struggles with extroverted behaviors, especially as attorneys and other service professionals who need to develop strong client and network relationships. I am also an introvert. And I have a mission to help introverts share their .. read more

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On December 2nd, 2011, posted in: Master Mind, public speaking by

Introverts’ Phone call anxiety

I can’t think of many things more anxiety ridden than picking up the phone to make a call. The apprehensions around what am I about to say, will it come out right and what if I need to leave a message all flood my mind, causing me to stall. Suddenly the refrigerator calls to me, or .. read more

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