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Merri’s Tips – Part 6

40. Shape the voice in your head first thing in the morning. Otherwise, you will wine about getting out of bed, forget what you’re so good at, procrastinate on using your abilities and forget why your life is so good. Shaping the voice in your head refers to remembering your value, what makes you unique and .. read more

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Lawyers stumble over business development

Attorneys are notorious for staying behind the desk, in front of a computer, avoiding business development. Most are introverts, so they think they won’t relate well and prefer not to appear “salesy” so they simply put information out in passive ways. This inactive behavior doesn’t make the phone ring. “We need to decide what our .. read more

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Communication Skill Barriers

Whether we are attorneys or not, we all have what it takes to communicate effectively. Either we were born with the skills or we learned (directly or indirectly) what it takes to develop relationships and influence. On the contrary, we all have what it takes to hold ourselves back from communicating well, whether in public .. read more

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3 energies that impact any work environment

A few years ago I explored the topic of Highly Sensitive People when I picked up Elaine Aron’s book from the library. The title and topic made an impact on me, for I have a need for quiet, calm, tranquil environments. When in these environments I get focus and clarity. Seeing a book with a label like this .. read more

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Merri’s Tips – Part 4

19. Take the edge off. Learn what works best for you – a cold beer, a shot of something stiffer, a good laugh, a massage, or just getting up and walking away. Telling yourself you can handle it without that just makes you edgier. We all need to take the edge off. Otherwise we treat .. read more

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Merri’s Tips – Part 3

13. Thinking doesn’t replace doing. Although thinking is hugely important, deciding is moreso. Better yet is acting on the decision. Action is what makes thinking powerful. 14. If you have questions, ask them.  Take advantage of time spent with peers, trainers, coaches, supervisors and mentors. Any moment can be a teachable moment for someone needing .. read more

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Merri’s Tips – Part 2

7. If you’re a solo business owner, create a structure for daily affirmations. We all appreciate and/or thrive on recognition, let alone praise. Working solo means we aren’t regularly around folks put in the position to give us this. Create it. Write out affirmations daily. (My talents and ideas earn me $___ per month)  Fill .. read more

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Merri’s Tips – Part 1

Thanks to Frank Ramos’ blog on what he has learned in life, I will also be putting out a few remarks about my own experiences, as it translates into tips for the reader. 1. If you haven’t decided what you want to be yet when you grow up, start paying attention to what revves you .. read more

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3 Ways to Make the Best Use of Time and Talents

 image by Karin Christensen -Scientific Animation & Illustration As a communication skills and speech coach, I repeatedly see how professionals get held back by lack of focus. We are interrupted throughout our day by stop-ins, callers, email notices, text messages, Facebook updates, LinkedIn status/connection requests, noise and trips to the coffee pot. The one thing .. read more

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