How speakers push tolerance levels

When it comes to drinking and driving, we all have a tolerance level for what we can handle. Unfortunately, we only learn this lesson by crossing the line and vomiting, if not worse. The same is true for how much a person talks within a given time frame. If someone has used up 3 minutes while .. read more

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Your Speech Preparation Time-frame – What Works for Your Style

Recently I heard a speaker say, “I don’t know why some folks crab about planning a speech. Take 30 minutes and be done already!” Perhaps 30 minutes works for some, but I will guess that’s only if they are overly familiar with both their topic and audience AND trust themselves to be articulate on the .. read more

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Warning: Don’t offer leadership trainings until you read this

Do you require public speaking workshops in your leadership programs? You should. According to Mind Tools, leaders need public speaking skills: “Even if you don’t need to make regular presentations in front of a group, there are plenty of situations where good public speaking skills can help you advance your career and create opportunities. For .. read more

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The Secret to Public Speaking

When I ask audiences what the key to public speaking is, they almost always respond with “preparation”. Makes sense, right? The more you plan your message, the better you’ll be at delivering a smooth presentation. I agree with planning being a key. However, planning, in itself, does little to attract listeners to our message. For .. read more

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When to think about your presentation audience

Many speakers focus all their pre-speech time on brainstorming, selecting and organizing the ideas and details on what they find most important about a topic. Whether they bring unique or already-prepared messages to their audiences, often the only focus they have is in what they want to say. That’s when they get in their own .. read more

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Simply subtract

Addition is the usual sign of success. More toys, more friends, more dollars, more cars, more land, more square footage, more vacations, etc. Rarely does someone select “subtraction” as a standard mode of operating when their career is going well. Yet simplicity is the ultimate form of reward. And simplicity leads to clear communication – .. read more

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Grab Baggers

This week I met with a skilled professional who values the art of public speaking, and then in the same breath announced to me that he won’t plan his message before he speaks. Grab bagger is what I said to myself. Grab baggers are presenters who basically speak off-the-cuff, allowing any version of conversation to .. read more

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What it takes to be a tree

Yesterday I read a tweet from the author of Be a Tree, a presentation pointer. Wonderful advice about how to come across as though you stand for something. Here is some of what he said: Stand still as a presenter. Get your weight on both feet. Balance yourself. Do not stick one hip out like .. read more

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#1 Skill for Public Speaking

I’ve been public speaking since my HS graduation day, and because I often receive positive recognition as a result, I fell into a major trap early on. I didn’t research my topic. Although I have usually stuck to what I know (yet there were those times I didn’t – disaster), the message could have been .. read more

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On August 13th, 2010, posted in: asking for help, Message by 1 Comment

Curtain’s Up in the Courtroom!

When I was in college studying communications and theatre in the late 70’s/early 80’s, I learned that law students were required to take theatre or drama classes. I don’t know whether all law schools had this in their requirements, but I didn’t care. What mattered to me was that attorneys had to develop some discipline. .. read more

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