How to Break Down Networking Barriers

You’ve just heard you have to attend the after-hours event, today.You focus on all the things you could be doing instead which bumps up your anxiety. At a networking event is the last place you want to be. If this feeling continues, your attitude and behavior will show your discomfort, creating barriers to not only .. read more

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The Case for Creating a Third Mind

Many of us, as children, were told at least once, “mind your own business”. If this is the case with you, that directive just may have become a foundation in your business ownership. You think things through, you keep successes and challenges close to the vest, and you and only you shape your next steps. .. read more

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3 Ways to Prepare Well for your next Audience

It’s about them, not about you. But only if you make an effort to prepare well. Meaning, thinking about your listeners and how that modifies your message. Most speakers don’t prepare this way. Here’s what can lead to not preparing for your audience. You get called on to inform or persuade a group. What’s your .. read more

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Be Remarkable

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of being unremarkable. Sure, I love relaxing and comfortable environments but put me in them too long and I get antsy. Are you antsy? If you are antsy, you feel energy somewhere. It could be in your gut, revving you up for the big talk or big play .. read more

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From breaking down barriers to creating boundaries – Manage the voice in your head!

Just as motivation is the key to accomplishing goals, discipline is the key to living within set boundaries. And for us to feel good about each, we need balance. This morning it took me longer than usual to get out of bed. I have a set routine regarding daily schedule and tasks needed to fit into .. read more

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Progress starts today

As a speaking and communication coach, I regularly see progress in others, understanding that even more progress happens when they focus on making it happen. And as a human being, an introvert and an entrepreneur, I need to coach myself on progress regularly, otherwise it’s easy to fall back into barrier patterns. Can you relate? If .. read more

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Remember the WHY

It’s Friday, the most common day of the week to forget why we are in the business we are in. On a day like today it’s often easier to remember what we are doing outside of the work day – through the weekend. Yet for many of us, the anxiety of not following through with .. read more

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What Your Audiences Fear #2

Yesterday’s post addressed the number one fear of audiences – speakers wasting their time. Today’s fear is a very close second. Audiences fear when we speakers focus on things they don’t understand. As a past high school teacher, I remember the number of times I did this in my own classroom. It’s painful for students to sit .. read more

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Introverts, Get Up and At’em!

Back when I was teaching and directing HS theatre, I had to emphasize to students during show weeks the need to get up early on Saturdays.  Often Friday night shows would go well. Students had been up early enough to get to school on time, had their metabolisms engaged and by showtime they were fully alert .. read more

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On May 2nd, 2012, posted in: alertness, introverts, motivation, visualize by 1 Comment

What Works for You?

One of my clients, Amy, recently revealed a hilarious, if not startling, mindshift. She is the same one who has proclaimed her distaste for selling. “I now have started my prospecting, but I no longer see it that way.” Her serious demeaner showed a glimpse of a smirk coming through. Clearly, she was having fun. “I now .. read more

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