Speakers, Having Trouble Deciding What All to Talk About?

As a public speaking coach, I often hear presenters say, several days prior to their next scheduled talk, “I’m not sure yet what all I’m going to talk about on the topic.” This can be a crippling moment that, if it persists, buries a speaker in a hole of frustration. Looking at their indecisiveness, any .. read more

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The Secret to Public Speaking

When I ask audiences what the key to public speaking is, they almost always respond with “preparation”. Makes sense, right? The more you plan your message, the better you’ll be at delivering a smooth presentation. I agree with planning being a key. However, planning, in itself, does little to attract listeners to our message. For .. read more

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Seth Godin has it right

A presentation client of mine sent me one of Seth Godin’s recent blog posts – The Fermata. She said to me, “Merri, this is what you are teaching me to do. You’ll love it!” As both a presenter and a singer, I do love it. I appreciate Godin’s metaphor of putting a hold on our time in .. read more

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On December 14th, 2012, posted in: managing self, pace, perspective, planning, schedule by

The Value of Just Hiding Out

Last night I went to a networking event that I almost talked myself out of. I had a full day of work without appointments, so it was a temptation not to follow through with the evening event. After a full day of focused work from home, why get showered and dressed for an hour or .. read more

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On May 31st, 2012, posted in: extroverts, planning, recharge, schedule by

Best Audiences for You

Building our visibility is of primary importance when we are in the position to find more business. We have shifted from the need to enhance our credibility – this is already underway with the projects, cases and experiences we have behind us. To advance next, we must build our network, originate our own clients and .. read more

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On March 17th, 2011, posted in: business building, planning, public speaking by