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Merri’s Tips – Part 6

40. Shape the voice in your head first thing in the morning. Otherwise, you will wine about getting out of bed, forget what you’re so good at, procrastinate on using your abilities and forget why your life is so good. Shaping the voice in your head refers to remembering your value, what makes you unique and .. read more

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From Anxiety to Enthusiasm – Introverts and Public Speaking

Labyrinthe, by shortgreenpigg I grew up unsure of myself – unsure of how to enter conversation, what to say, how to respond to questions, and unsure of what I thought. This mix of unsurety kept me at arm’s length from relationship development until I was in my mid-late teens. At that point, Beth Huffman, the .. read more

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On June 29th, 2011, posted in: anxiety, introverts, public speaking by 1 Comment

Best Audiences for You

Building our visibility is of primary importance when we are in the position to find more business. We have shifted from the need to enhance our credibility – this is already underway with the projects, cases and experiences we have behind us. To advance next, we must build our network, originate our own clients and .. read more

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On March 17th, 2011, posted in: business building, planning, public speaking by

7 Benefits of Being in the Spotlight

As an introvert, I have come to see spotlights – times speaking in public – as unexpected sources of energy. Yes, I still thoroughly enjoy days away from the crowds, schedules free of appointments and the time and space to research, analyze, and create in isolation. But I must admit there are huge benefits for .. read more

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