What Rehearsing Does for Introverts, Extroverts

You’ve heard the key to speaking well is in preparation, right? Well some think preparation means planning, and only that. Others think planning means coming up with an idea to share. Imagine the following scenario: John shows up ready to speak with his detailed notes in front of him. He has proof that he has .. read more

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Avoid “if all else fails”. Rehearse!

They say, “if all else fails, read instructions.” In essence, get a preview of what to expect when you attempt something, especially after you don’t get what you expected. When it comes to speaking in public, doing so without first rehearsing is inviting “all else” to “fail”. Do you really want that “when all else fails” .. read more

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When You Let Someone Observe You

Back in the early 1980’s I often was observed. A soon-to-be new education graduate of Bowling Green State University, in my last semester I spent 90 days in the classroom, assessing my mentor-teachers’ methods, teaching style, management of the classroom and creativity. Soon the tables would turn. Since I was assigned to several teachers because .. read more

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Presenting Well: The case for rehearsal

Tonight my band, No Excuses, is rehearsing for several hours before playing 2 gigs this weekend. I’m a bit nervous about the gig on Sunday, because we have only been rehearsing for Saturday’s performance. Since Sunday’s is twice as long, we’ll no doubt use about 3 hours or so to focus on Sunday’s gig before .. read more

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On August 26th, 2011, posted in: Delivery, impact, presentation, rehearsal by 1 Comment