The Secret to Public Speaking

When I ask audiences what the key to public speaking is, they almost always respond with “preparation”. Makes sense, right? The more you plan your message, the better you’ll be at delivering a smooth presentation. I agree with planning being a key. However, planning, in itself, does little to attract listeners to our message. For .. read more

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There’s Peace of Mind with Public Speaking

As I write this post I have ear buds in so I can enjoy music from The Piano Guys without distracting others. I enjoy playing soothing or inspiring music while I work. It keeps me focused and motivated, helping me accomplish what’s on my list for the day. Accomplishing what is important gives me peace .. read more

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On September 8th, 2014, posted in: potential, public speaking, purpose, relationship by 1 Comment

What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

When is it time to put aside our daily chores and pay attention to the story being revealed around us? I can’t help but reflect on this today with a related circumstance in my past. My sophomore year in high school, I played a role in Bye, Bye, Birdie, a musical which (according to Wikipedia) demonstrates satire .. read more

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On September 7th, 2012, posted in: alertness, presence, relationship, Uncategorized by

With a Little Help from my Friends

As we consider the relationships around us, key relationships and those who are dear to us, we rightly value our impact on them. Do we also value their impact on us? Just this week, several individuals have shared both concerns and successes regarding friends and doing business. One had taken the difficult step (in his .. read more

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On May 18th, 2012, posted in: anxiety, asking for help, business, relationship by

Merri’s Tips – Part 2

7. If you’re a solo business owner, create a structure for daily affirmations. We all appreciate and/or thrive on recognition, let alone praise. Working solo means we aren’t regularly around folks put in the position to give us this. Create it. Write out affirmations daily. (My talents and ideas earn me $___ per month)  Fill .. read more

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