The Case for Creating a Third Mind

Many of us, as children, were told at least once, “mind your own business”. If this is the case with you, that directive just may have become a foundation in your business ownership. You think things through, you keep successes and challenges close to the vest, and you and only you shape your next steps. .. read more

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Our behavior communicates what is important to us

I was really looking forward to observing Matt, who is a dynamic, entertaining speaker. His assistant informed me a few months ago of his presentations this month so I could see his progress on the few things we have been working on. Since he is scheduled to speak today and I still had not heard .. read more

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A community service that works – securely

If you’re in professional services, you can mix recycling your computers with creating community good will. Although many of us are concerned about personal information getting into the wrong hands, the risk/responsibility increases with client data stored on our hard drives. When we replace our hardware every 3-4 years, we must be cautious. Thank goodness Columbus has a .. read more

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