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Social Pressures at Work

This morning I attended an executive breakfast that included a presentation in team building techniques for effectiveness. Ironically, I had just read Susan Cain’s chapter, When Collaboration Kills Creativity from her book, Quiet. The gist I took from Cain’s chapter is, it’s okay to encourage collaboration, but add a healthy dose of individual, uninterrupted work .. read more

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On March 29th, 2012, posted in: focus, introverts, social anxiety, value by

You’re Not the Only One

Every time I share the 12 common barrier patterns with new clients, they feel relief. Although they are admitting to a barrier pattern or two that holds them back from being what they really want to be, they immediately realize they aren’t abnormal. There are 12 barrier patterns that hold back good people. For introverts, .. read more

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On November 23rd, 2010, posted in: breakthrough, purpose, social anxiety by