speak up

What would you do if invited to speak?

Most people cringe, believing nothing good comes from standing in front of an audience. They would say NO to the invitation, for fear’s sake. Some people would simply hesitate before answering, taking in the compliment while, once again, discerning how to say a proper NO. Others have a few reasons for saying YES. Maybe they believe .. read more

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Find Your Voice

How would you feel if You were told your presentation time, previously promised as 45 minutes, is now only 5? Angry? Confused? Disrespected? Manipulated? Based on that feeling, how would you present yourself? If your answer has anything to do with being less than powerful, you are right. Our power does not come from negativity, .. read more

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On May 9th, 2013, posted in: affirmation, calm, clarity, confidence, courage, speak up by

The Authentic Attorney Breaks Down Barriers

If you define authentic as “in keeping with what one believes”, then consider 2 elements that make an authentic attorney who breaks down barriers. The authentic attorney makes decisions based on personal values, priorities and desires. One of my clients values orderliness, community and education. When he leaves his office at the end of the day, spent, .. read more

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On March 22nd, 2013, posted in: Breaking down barriers, consistency, speak up by

Your Communication Can Help You Transform Your Work Environment

My final year of teaching high school shifted from being the worst-ever to the ultimate. Although I simply thought it was because the students grew up – I learned it was really about how I humbled myself into communicating well. Or another way of putting it, I improved my leadership-by-speech. That final year – 2000 .. read more

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Tips on Speaking Up

For many of us introverts, speaking up conjures images of being red-faced, getting furled brow reactions and even regretting our actions later. Obviously we are recalling times we actually spoke up, whether in defense of ourselves or others, and the feelings associated with it. Feelings such as embarrassment, anger, frustration and even disappointment surface. That’s what happened .. read more

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On August 3rd, 2012, posted in: interpersonal skills, speak up by

Can’t speak up in time? Try this.

Consider the last time you were attending a meeting. One of the agenda topics gets a few comments from other attendees, then a conclusion is reached and the facilitator moves on to the next topic. More comments are shared. Now you reach a point in your head that you wish you had expressed on the .. read more

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On June 7th, 2012, posted in: introverts, meetings, speak up by

Introverts can rise above it all

One of my favorite childhood TV shows was The Flying Nun, starring Sally Field. Quirky and fun, I loved how the introverted main character defied the odds of daily life in the abby, and smirked through her challenges with a tilt into the wind and willingness to “rise above it all”. Similar to Maria in .. read more

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On April 25th, 2012, posted in: confidence, judgement, sit down, speak up, stand up by