Comfort Zone or Adventure?

Last weekend my partner and I did some white-water rafting in West Virginia, the land of the wild and wonderful. As a public speaking and communication coach I encourage clients to explore territory outside their comfort zone and you better believe that focus took hold of me while I was on my own personal adventure. .. read more

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The Secret to Public Speaking

When I ask audiences what the key to public speaking is, they almost always respond with “preparation”. Makes sense, right? The more you plan your message, the better you’ll be at delivering a smooth presentation. I agree with planning being a key. However, planning, in itself, does little to attract listeners to our message. For .. read more

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When We Are Deliberate

I used to direct an exercise called “Enter the Room” with actors as a reminder of human behavior in given locations. “Enter the room as though you’ve never been there before.” “Now enter the room as though it’s familiar.” “What changed?” Usually the actors would shift from observation mode to purpose. For instance, in the .. read more

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