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Want Listeners to Remember You? Do this.

You’re out developing business by presenting to supportive audiences, attending networking events, scheduling follow up coffees and entering meaningful conversations. How do you hope they feel? Hopefully they don’t want the meeting to end. But it does. Then what? They need to remember the feeling, and basically this means, they need to keep remembering you .. read more

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How Do You Relate?

Last week I mentioned that networking demonstrates how we relate. Well, so does public speaking. Whereas networking helps others see how we operate around people, public speaking helps folks see whether or not listeners have an impact on speakers, or if speakers simply deliver the message that works for them without connecting to their audience. .. read more

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Understand This and Feel your Anxiety Drop

Networking demonstrates how we relate to people. There is no single right way to network, just as there is no single right way to communicate. While there are things to do that help you connect and relate to people, it’s useful to understand that what works for others needn’t work for you. In early June .. read more

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Comfort Zone or Adventure?

Last weekend my partner and I did some white-water rafting in West Virginia, the land of the wild and wonderful. As a public speaking and communication coach I encourage clients to explore territory outside their comfort zone and you better believe that focus took hold of me while I was on my own personal adventure. .. read more

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3 Ways to Make the Best Use of Time and Talents

 image by Karin Christensen -Scientific Animation & Illustration As a communication skills and speech coach, I repeatedly see how professionals get held back by lack of focus. We are interrupted throughout our day by stop-ins, callers, email notices, text messages, Facebook updates, LinkedIn status/connection requests, noise and trips to the coffee pot. The one thing .. read more

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