2013 communication

This may not be your firm’s time for planning budgets, yet as you  move into December it can be a strategic time for you to both plan and practice how to communicate in the next year – regarding your relationship building, your marketing, your self-management and follow-through. Plan how to communicate? Yes. When we enter any experience with .. read more

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What’s the Plan?

Today is Friday, typically a planning day for me. It’s the day I catch up with my communication,  account for my recent appts, look ahead at my next week so I can create a strategy for being prepared for it, and gather information tied to presentation requests. It’s a big day full of focused, proactive tasks. I .. read more

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On May 11th, 2012, posted in: discipline, strategy by

Lawyer’s world: Turnabout is Fair Play

Digging deep is a behavior pattern for the lawyer to engage in when uncovering evidence, researching history and background, questioning witnesses. Search requires getting past the roadblocks, the barriers to the goldmine. When talking interpersonal dynamics, we realize from everyday experience the ease of responding with superficial, top-of-mind remarks. It’s natural of  all of us. .. read more

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On July 26th, 2011, posted in: SMART goals., strategy, technique by

Next Best Audiences Workshop!

Want to make the best use of your professional time while strategizing about how to get in front of the best audiences for you? Come to the May 25th Breaking Down Barriers workshop at Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter from 10-11:30. For just $60 you can join others who want to improve their focus, strategy and .. read more

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On April 11th, 2011, posted in: audience, professional services, prospecting, strategy, workshop by