time alone

When You Let Someone Observe You

Back in the early 1980’s I often was observed. A soon-to-be new education graduate of Bowling Green State University, in my last semester I spent 90 days in the classroom, assessing my mentor-teachers’ methods, teaching style, management of the classroom and creativity. Soon the tables would turn. Since I was assigned to several teachers because .. read more

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We really enjoy ourselves

Introverts are known to spend time alone. For those of us who are not introverts, we assume when someone is alone we must call or visit them. Certainly they wouldn’t want to be alone. Yet for introverts, being alone is a treat. I have always enjoyed uninterrupted time to think, read, or even to create. .. read more

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On November 28th, 2011, posted in: energy, introverts, time alone by 2 Comments