You may be surprised who wants practice speaking

I remember when a global law firm reached out to engage me for delivering a conversation workshop to its summer interns. “They need to have the social skills to quickly meet and communicate within the firm as well as demonstrate confidence in their abilities should we want them around longer.” I got it. Makes sense, .. read more

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Turn Away From Negative Self Talk

Last February I was told I won’t be driving any time soon and that my right ankle would be in a cast anywhere from 8-12 weeks. An entrepreneur with her plate full of public speaking trainings and coaching appointments, my first thought was, “How am I going to manage without cancelling?” And my second thought was focused on .. read more

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Discover the Master Mind

You may think you are the only one who is going through the self-management, the leadership or communication challenges you face. And if you do, there’s good news. You are wrong. And it’s time to stop minding your own business. Many folks just like you have challenges they face monthly – probably more often that that. .. read more

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Be Remarkable

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of being unremarkable. Sure, I love relaxing and comfortable environments but put me in them too long and I get antsy. Are you antsy? If you are antsy, you feel energy somewhere. It could be in your gut, revving you up for the big talk or big play .. read more

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I Can’t Believe I Just…

embarrassed myself said what I did stood there and let someone walk all over me choked in front of my audience rambled on Been there before? Of course you have. Why do I say “of course”? Because we have all experienced the “I Can’t Believe I Just” moments. Just when we wanted to be relaxed, .. read more

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Now is the time to enhance a priority skill

You need to have strong writing and research skills for your law practice. You also need to feel confident about your abilities to speak up. So while you take CLE’s in best practices for writing and research, consider this: What are you doing to boost your public speaking skills? If you want to make the .. read more

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Speak from your strength – your story

I doubt I am the only one who used to watch conference speakers and say to myself, “Wow. I wish I could do that.” I may see them keep audiences rolling with belly laughter, command the stage with smooth moves and big animation or simply share some meaningfully poignant remarks and bow their humble heads. .. read more

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Confidence is an attitude for change

Yes, I get it. Generally speaking confidence comes from familiarity, whether in using our skills, in relying on the folks around us, or in our history of handling types of situations. But when it comes to change, when those around us move on, or we encounter the unexpected, or are asked to do something new, most of .. read more

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How long can you hold their attention?

Think it takes much to get and hold an audience’s attention? Consider this: Jerry Seinfeld, arguably one of the world’s biggest comics, reveals the difficulty of being in front of an audience in the movie, Comedian. When he decides to go on the road to test new material, Jerry says that it’s not as easy .. read more

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You are building 1 of 2 things

As my minister so aptly put it a few days ago, we each build either walls or bridges. And as I thought through this in length, I realized I have in many times in my life contributed to both groups. Today I ask you to consider what you wish to build in 2013. If business .. read more

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