Caught on the Blind Side

Tomorrow is March 15, best known in Roman history as the Ides of March. That time during which we hope the winds not howl and the black cats not prowl in our paths.
It’s the time historians tell (especially through William Shakespeare)us Julius Caesar was forewarned to not trust those close to him, all the while he kept his right-hand man, Brutus, greatly trusted and admired friend, as close as possible.

And as fate would have it, Brutus, that man the gods smiled on, was instrumental in bringing about Caesar’s downfall by contributing to his (back)stabbing. Caesar’s wife warned him, prophets warned him, the heavens set the stage for this and yet Julius Caesar – though guilty of being ambitious – was the one who trusted Brutus, and when facing his dagger, was most shocked his best friend had been swayed to deceive him. Caesar didn’t see it coming.

Tomorrow is the Ides of March. See it coming. And then determine, is it better to trust or to fear? To see hope and goodwill, to know that despite the design of evil, good endures? Is it better to die hoping or to live in despair?

Enjoy the day. It’s the only day this year to historically turn the tides of the Ides of March!

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