Confidence is an attitude for change

Yes, I get it. Generally speaking confidence comes from familiarity, whether in using our skills, in relying on the folks around us, or in our history of handling types of situations. But when it comes to change, when those around us move on, or we encounter the unexpected, or are asked to do something new, most of us experience anxiety – let alone fear – when moving forward in the unknown. So how can confidence, the result of familiarity, be an attitude for change? Consider the following.

Many high schools are preparing to hold graduation services, allowing their seniors the chance to celebrate academic achievement while freeing them to take next steps into their adult life. Usual steps will include further academic focus from new educational institutions, entering the world of employment, or taking on a short-term life adventure of travel while discerning livelihood options.

In any case, graduate next steps will be met with measures of confidence after having accomplished a 12-year required first step. Each senior had to endure degrees of mental rigor, experiences with social pressure, and physically commit to routines that did or didn’t create success. On the last day of school, as on graduation day, graduates seeing the light at the end of the tunnel experience in a big way what they are made of, and from this experience meet the unknown (though anxiety-ridden) with a demeanor of faith.


Perhaps their world-view includes seeing those around them as decent people willing to help them when they stumble. Perhaps their confidence is tied to their street smarts or intelligence, or maybe they have created a success strategy worth retesting. Many graduates enter a changing world with an attitude of confidence.

For those of us not-so-recent grads, we can learn a lot from today’s graduates.

Confidence is not a product of perfection, of success or intelligence, but a product of will.

If you will to act with faith, to get up day to day with the past behind you and the present in view, you can face anything. You have an attitude for change. You have confidence.

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