Create the 9-inch curve

One of my presentation coaching clients has recently announced, “I get it! Not only can I tell when I produce the 9-inch curve, I can tell when others do!” She has been so excited shifting from initial presenter stages to the stages of presentation excellence.

Like speakers commonly do, my client demonstrated anxiety sharing her “script” early on in her presentation phase. As she was honing her message and figuring out how to respond to questions during her message, her focus was on telling all the right things. Stage performers, similarly, have a period of time during their rehearsals when their focus is on the message, and saying it correctly. The sooner they add other elements to their message – activity, movement, owning their message – speakers and performers shift from focusing on themselves to focusing on those around them and begin relaxing into the experience.

We define the moment when our words are no longer based on fact but instead based on personal connection as the 9-inch curve. On average, it is a 9inch trajectory from our brain to our inner core. This is the shift from brain to heart/core, from technical to experience. Speakers who make this connection create energy that vibrates within their audience – maybe based on enthusiasm, curiosity, humility or any other realm of emotions.

And the easiest way to demonstrate the 9-inch curve is by sharing your story – whatever your topic, share the value of it to you, either from an event or series of events you experienced on what you are sharing. It may require courage to connect to your story, yet the outcome is an audience willing to pay attention.

In essence, the 9-inch curve is best used by

  1. first connecting for yourself to the message
  2. secondly commit to sharing it with your audience

As a result, you create an experience for yourself and others instead of simply a presentation. This experience has a lingering presence which shows your power, your accountability to your message and your willingness to get real.

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