Dare to let your dreams become urgent

Walt Disney first thought there could be a better amusement park. Before long he started to think he should build it. He had a dream, didn’t let it go, and when he saw the urgency he did something about it. That’s when he shifted from vision to mission.

Dare like Disney

1. Decide your dream (vision). What do you see yourself being/doing/having/creating?

2. Uncover the urgency. How will this help you, others, and maybe even the industry/profession?

3. Act on the mission. Sometimes we “build the plane as we’re flying it” and gain huge insight through the experience. If we wait until we have everything figured out (as many of us introverts do), we miss the crucial pieces that come from mistakes and insight. We forget that one of our introvert strengths is being poised enough to handle anything. So tell yourself to take the next step and then see what happens.

WDisney dream

Do you have a dream? Then create a mission. Get into action to help your urgent dreams take shape.


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