Recently I met with a gentleman who desires to feel “whole” again. He is a giver, so generally speaking, he understands that part of feeling valuable is in what he does for others. Working with non-profit organizations all his life, his focus has been in giving back.

Even more importantly are the circumstances of late which have devastated his focus – the recent death of his wife. Again, as her caregiver, he put himself on hold to give her a life-ending experience of comfort and compassion. Now with no job and no life partner, he is suffering from a void of energy. Ultimately, he is deflated.

“I need to rediscover my value, this time while taking care of myself,” my friend shared. And it’s a crucial thing for him to do while discovering his “wholeness”. For anyone job searching, soul searching, or companion searching, valuing self is key.

As we go through our days of attracting others to us, we transparently demonstrate how we feel about ourselves. Our eyes tell this first, yet if the world can’t see them, they can see our body language. What are we projecting?

When we are deflated, we aren’t paying attention to what we are projecting, because our focus is inward. This is the time to reflect, to make some decisions about purpose and value, and then to determine what impact we want to make. As we go through this process, our energy inflates, our focus begins to shift to the impact we make on others and then to the confidence we have in making a difference.

But until we determine what fuels us, what inflates or motivates our energy, we can’t tap into the fuel we need. Perhaps we can do this on our own most days, yet sometimes we need help. A balloon can’t blow itself up – it needs another source, whether a pump or another living/breathing entity. So do we.

When you’re deflated, what is your source of fresh air? Hopefully it’s one that fuels you with good energy. That’s what you need and what you deserve.

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