Do You See Your Vision?

If you have been practicing your business for years or just starting, it pays to connect to your mental image of what you actually SEE for your purpose, your career and your business. Because you have more than a job. You have something more than a tactical set of skills that helps you and others through the end of the day. You have the ability to see an end-result, to focus on it fervently and to help it take shape and become a result of your strategic, thoughtful and inspired communication.

What we think, we communicate.

Picture exactly what it is you want to create through your practice.

What do you see?

This morning I was with an accomplished and successful attorney who shared what a mentor once encouraged her to do. “Picture your office, the color of the walls, what is hanging on them, your desk, the desktop and what you are wearing as you sit behind it. Picture these things and you can start making sure they happen.”

My attorney friend is on the right track with visioning, and in addition to the spatial and personal focus, she is inspired also to picture exactly what she wants to be and do for her clients. Although she has been practicing for years, has taken several turns in her road of being employed or an entrepreneur, she now understands more about what  she wants her business and career to look like.

It is our vision (maybe to help people, maybe to speak up, maybe to give birth to a business idea) that drives our purpose. Without the vision – without focusing on what we want to accomplish in the long run, we bump along on our journey, not sure of what to say yes to, quickly burning out. Like driving a car with an ice-covered windshield, we may want to hurry along to our destination but we aren’t even sure of where we are. Scrunching forward while gripping the wheel, we exhaust ourselves trying to get clarity through breaks in the ice instead of jumping fully into driving the car.

With vision, we make choices that line up to our destination while making fewer mistakes.  Our communication gets easier, regular and understood. Not only do we scrape our windshields before we drive away during wintery mornings,  we also clear our heads of the distractions from our vision by focusing on our end-goal.

What is your vision? Can you see it clearly? Are you communicating it?

Define your vision, then keep it in view. Soon others will see it, too and you will feel purposeful and energized by what is taking shape.

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