Don’t Start Questioning Confidence

Many have been reflecting on the book, The Confidence Code, especially women, and questioning whether confidence is worth the struggle. Don’t fall victim to this quandry – it’s an excuse to give up. Instead, get back on track.

Confidence, like enthusiasm, has 3 key benefits.

1. Confidence opens the individual’s mind for clear thinking.

2. Confidence gives an individual’s negative emotions a shift through using sure and decisive body movement.

3. Confidence creates a tone for positive engagement.


Clarifies thinking

If you’ve been a victim of anxiety and nervousness when standing up to speak to an audience, you relish the thought of clear thinking. Those who doubt themselves get a flood of reasons why they should second-guess their message – from it not being relevant to it being inaccurate – and quickly are overtaken by anxiety which skirts their focus.

On the other hand, standing up with the idea that you are excited to share what you have prepared removes the fog of overwhelm and helps you center clearly on message. While studies have proven this mental outcome, the biggest testament is what listeners observe – someone ready and competent.

Shifts negativity

Most of us dwell on our inadequacies so frequently that we limit our abilities with simple excuses. However, when we coach ourselves with positive affirmations – “I am prepared. I am clear-headed. I got this.” – we suddenly receive a boost that lifts our head, pulls our torso into alignment, positions our feet squarely under our shoulders and helps us move with purpose.

We find our power poses when we affirm our abilities. That gives us energy for the moment and compels us to step forward with confidence.

Creates attractive tone

Move forward with confidence knowing you will turn peoples’ heads, providing them with the impulse to nod toward you, engaging them with your energy.

People want to be attracted, and your desire to fulfill that need is not only important – it is purposeful.

So don’t be swayed by the debate on whether confidence is worth it. Live your purpose. Set the tone for yourself that helps you clarify your thinking and create an engaging experience for others. 

If you want a routine focus on your own confidence-building, download your copy of Confidence in 30 Days.

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