E. F. Hutton moments

I was born in 1960, so growing up in the 70’s I often saw TV commercials capitalizing on the power of E.F. Hutton’s people engagement. I guess that meant he was wise, said few words and was deeply respected. He was a quiet leader. If you’d like to have fun with the 1970’s TV commercial, click here.
For some reason, many today believe the ones to be respected are the talkers that command attention by taking the floor the majority of the time. They have lots to say and are willing to share. They are loud, have great energy and often know how to make people laugh. They entertain.
What leadership style works is generally different for people, yet one thing is evident – leaders come in all styles. This is great news for the introvert. If we are to advance and excel in our careers, using our strengths is key, and also taking advantage of opportunities to speak. Business meetings, networking events, public forums all offer opportunities for our E.F. Hutton moments.
There’s no need to feel we must become extroverted and change our personalities. When we embrace the quiet leadership style, accept the invitation to share, smile while sharing, we gain respect in quiet ways.

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