Embracing the Artist

A colleague of mine once said, “My artist side kicked in and gave me survival skills.”

She had been sharing her professional journey, alerting me to her distaste for corporate life, and her
need to step out on her own. Mentioning her recent vacation, she was quick to point out her interest in gathering together with friends for walks, visits to parks and enjoyment of the community artists. A bookkeeper, she was pulled to the logic side of her brain during the day and mistakenly thought she should avoid the creative unless she was away from her desk. So she shut down that voice.

With clients being fickle and business flowing inconsistently, she understood only that she wasn’t cut out for the job she was doing. Then she had a revelation. It wasn’t the job that needed to change. It was how she performed it. When she allowed herself to be expressive with her style and with her personality, when she discovered the power of letting her inner creative self flow, she saw her abilities and her success develop. And she began attracting clients who could relate to her.

She had embraced her inner artist – the creative, personable side – and the result paid off in her business attracting people. She could enjoy the walking in the park’s “inner calm” from her own desk.

How do you embrace your inner artist? Let that voice be heard. Maybe it can give you survival skills.

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