Every Day Mantra for Attorneys and Other Introverts

“Get Out There”

You may be a leader, a business developer, a trainer or a co-worker. Any of these roles require noticing how your efforts affect others.

If you’re daily activities include research, analysis, drafting or any other form of content-creation, you, in part, do justice to your profession while you remain in a passive seat. However, in practical terms, creating messages is the base of the bigger picture of your activities. And that big picture begs not only drafting quality ideas, but connecting with interested listeners, noticing the impact on them and responding appropriately.

Respect the big picture.

Use these activities to Get Out There

1. Every day, leave your computer alone for some time.

Your computer is simply a tool to collect and organize information. Using it as your sole means for communicating is a cop-out. You’re better than that. Courageously (!) create audio and face-to-face connections. It ensures your message is delivered to the appropriate listeners and helps you develop trust and effective relationship with others.

2. Every day, use your phone to connect with network/friends/clients/co-workers.

This needn’t be cold-calling, but by all means consider it. Give yourself permission to be a friendly interruption in someone’s life. This rarely happens anymore. Most of us simply text or shoot emails out to our connections. Stand out. Offer your real voice and listen to others’. Audio is much more powerful than lifeless words on a page or screen. Take advantage of this.

3. Every day, meet with/speak with someone, face-to-face.

Eye contact helps us see what’s going on with people. Whether you have a scheduled appointment or just pop into a co-worker’s doorway or duck into a coffee shop line, be a real person. Instead of operating with eyes down to the floor and disinterest with what’s going on around you, (and heaven forbid, looking only at your cell!) look at folks.

Engage in easy conversation that allows a fun, meaningful or insightful exchange, let people see who you are. Better yet, notice others. Use eye contact when talking with folks. Maybe this means turning around to look at the person in line behind you. Use a form of touch. The beauty of face-to-face exchange is we get to use more of our senses. Audio, visual and tactical build the quality of our experiences with people. There’s no need to rely on less than this.

4. Every day, find ways to start and build relationships.

Whether you need more contacts in your network, strong sources for referral exchanges, co-worker trust and appreciation or places to get your message out (practice group meetings, professional organizations, networking environments, training forums, etc.), keep thinking about where you’ll take that next step.

Seek ideas of where to network, who to connect with, where to offer a seminar and which organization needs to know what you have learned. Connect with people to offer your ideas.

Life doesn’t work in a vacuum. Business doesn’t, either. We need to get out there to connect to celebrate, to seek advice, to discover what people need from us and to thrive.

Every day, get out there. Make this your new mantra.

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