Expression, Marcel Marceau’s way

Influential communication is not easy.

Back in the early 90’s I decided to accept an invitation to attend Gregg Goldston’s School of Mime for 4 summer weeks. Having been enthralled by the focus, discipline and ease of expression of a highly talented residential artist who came to my drama classes that year up in NW Ohio, I decided it was time to see what the skills of a mime could do for me as a teacher, performer, director and influencer.

I didn’t realize how amazing the craft and how influential expression skills could be.

As one may imagine, there are three key areas the mime gains control of:




Discipline of the above requires many things I had never put into practice before. First, practicing mental focus. Secondly, developing your muscles. And then, articulating through movement your intention.

Look at the following video of Marcel Marceau, just as a case in point of the above.

Marcel Marceau (Youtube)

It doesn’t take viewing much of this video to praise the efforts, the grace and the specific detail of this performer.

Here’s the point. Although we aren’t often going to choose “street performance”, we do want to add to our oral communication the body language which continues our conversation. Silence is golden.

This is what mime school taught me. Pausing, silence and controlled movement are key to influence.

In what way can you use expression as Marceau has demonstrated? Give this thought. You may be surprised what it does for you.


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