Face It

For some of us, success is what we fear. The only real solution is to get over it. And by that, I mean, just Face It. Look it squarely in the eye. Learn what it is that makes us shake and then address it.

Similarly, many of us fear getting in front of groups. Whether introvert or extrovert, we fear we haven’t what it takes for the moment.

Extroverts, adept at conversation, wonder whether their improvisational skills will carry them when addressing an audience. Will they have a point, delivered with clarity to influence?

Introverts who cull things over in their minds wonder, will the right words come to them to express what they know? Will they be able to focus in the moment?

Each of these scenarios is best handled by Facing It. Both the introvert and extrovert begin to believe in their abilities only after testing out their skills. Just like riding a bike, participating in a sport, or singing in a choir – we don’t know if it’s something we can manage until we face it, test it and experience it.

For business professionals, facing groups is the core of visibility. Without visibility, both credibility and profitability are miles down the road. Just face it – getting in front of groups is a step in the right direction to the business we need. Conquer your fears by getting into practice – at your local toastmasters, within your own firm, out in the community. It’s your choice – face it.

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