Find Your Uniqueness, Uncover Motivation

It’s common in our childhood to wish to fit in with the neighborhood kids, to be called on to participate and feel as though we belong. Belonging helps us relate and feel loved. But that’s not the only desire that calls to us. We also want to be unique, set apart, needed.

When I shifted from teaching high school to the entrepreneurial focus of coaching speakers to break down communication barriers, I was motivated by my own journey of finally learning how to get out of my own way so I could connect with listeners. I couldn’t wait to work with adults, to help them feel better about themselves and no longer regret their communication. But I started being compared to executive coaches with a different purpose and began to lose sense of my own purpose and identity. Soon I realized I was being written off for what people expected I was instead of being partnered with because of my differentiation.

Essentially, I bought into others’ perception of me because I hadn’t clarified who I was, and without this understanding, I was lost and unmotivated.

No matter our age, these tendencies drive us to find out who we are. To explore our purpose as well as our impact. They shape our attitude about ourselves as we begin our careers, address challenges and even as we reflect on our journey.

Fortunately I was coached into digging deep to find my uniqueness which has called forth my need to celebrate who I am and help others do the same. As a speaking coach who helps attorneys and other introverts present well, I know what makes me different from other coaches and know how to position this knowledge. This motivates me to clarify my purpose while honoring differing purposes of others.

Are you approaching a precipice along your path? Considering a next step, impacted by an outward change, responding to crisis, health issues or other challenge? Get in touch with who you are. The more you understand yourself, the more purposeful and inspired you become.

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