Find your voice

When you think of great public speakers, what comes to mind? Is there a particular image that comes to you? A delivery style? If so, hopefully it’s your own.

Unfortunately, most of us feel others are better speakers than we are. We make this comparison based on our experience of feeling anxious when all eyes and ears are on us. We hear our voice and dislike the pitch or pace. Next thing we know, we forget our words or deliver body language that annoys us. Most people can’t possibly be as bad at speaking as we are, right? Wrong. The majority of speakers are just as captivated by themselves – especially what’s going wrong – as we are. Regardless of how well we think others do, they think the same of us.

Reframe your thinking during moments of anxiety

If we are willing to accept the commonality of speaker anxiety, then maybe we can also accept that each of us has something going for us as speakers. Maybe it’s your humor, your smile, your poise, your eye contact, your fresh ideas, your language choice, and even your energy. Find your voice – your assets as a speaker/communicator – and you suddenly realize it is better to share it than to become something you’re not.

Once you find your voice, you can focus on your winning attributes as you walk toward the front of your presentation space, as you enter a meeting where you will be sharing updates or seeking volunteers, and as you step toward a networking public where you wish to present your best self. If you want assistance figuring out your authentic voice, ask for perspective from someone you trust to give you constructive feedback. Don’t feel bad, we usually get this answer from others, not from ourselves, for it is based on our impact more than our knowledge about it.

The best image of a great public speaker is YOU successfully captivating the audience’s attention and motivating them toward action by using your authentic voice.


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