Find Your Voice

How would you feel if

You were told your presentation time, previously promised as 45 minutes, is now only 5?

Angry? Confused? Disrespected? Manipulated?

Based on that feeling, how would you present yourself?

If your answer has anything to do with being less than powerful, you are right. Our power does not come from negativity, which it would be natural to feel in the above circumstance. What we feel about ourselves and our circumstances shows our power or lack of it. If we lack power, we deny our divine authority, our uniqueness and our purpose. Yet we can rebuild and refuel our power through simple, natural steps.

This refueling comes from keen awareness of our assets, frequent inspiration and energy from those around us.


When any of the above three are deflated, our voice goes. Such as now being pushed to condense our 45min message into 5 – we could naturally shift from inspiration to rejection. This can lead us to appear defensive, lacking confidense and/or unfocused.


  1. Make a quick review of your assets.
  2. Tap into those activities that ground and propel you to your inspirational plane.
  3. Visualize time with individuals who energize you.

When refueled, you find your voice and with it,  your power.

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