Flowing into an Introvert’s Short Bursts

Tomorrow is going to be a pivotal day for me and my band, No Excuses. We have another gig at the People Called Women Bookstore in Toledo, and before that we will be spending a few hours in a recording studio. We’re working on our first cd of original work!

That’s so exciting to me. Ever since we set a goal to record by the end of the year, eventually found a studio we could afford, and then determined which songs to highlight, I have been giddy with anticipation.

It’s not something I’ve really spoken about much in conversation with others, yet it’s been a constant conversation in my head. I’m not sure others in the band have discussed it either, for we’ll all introverts. Yet we’re all feeling the same way – nervous but excited! Similar to how we feel just prior to another gig, yet recording gives us lasting impressions of our work.

Susan Cain shared something unique recently in her blog post called, What Kind of Happy are You? In the post she lists the most common introverted approaches to happiness – approaches extroverts misunderstand about happiness. In the 5 styles, I most often relate to happiness in short bursts and those of flow. In the case of this weekend, the anticipation of performing again live is driven by my “flow” of great energy I experience when singing with this band and the short burts of enthusiasm when others appreciate the individual pieces.

Although introverts may not have excessive enthusiasm, the happiness is still very real. And I know going into the recording studio I will most appreciate the “flow” of adrenaline while experiencing the process of putting this record together. I may even laugh at some point. Although the outward signs may not point to “happiness”, I will definitely experience it.

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