From breaking down barriers to creating boundaries – Manage the voice in your head!

Just as motivation is the key to accomplishing goals, discipline is the key to living within set boundaries. And for us to feel good about each, we need balance.

This morning it took me longer than usual to get out of bed. I have a set routine regarding daily schedule and tasks needed to fit into it. I just didn’t have the energy, or maybe the motivation, to roll out of bed. Because of this I missed my early morning reading that generally gives me perspective and my follow-up exercise that gives me sharpened thinking and desire to “conquer the world”! As it stands, my attitude suffered and I found myself creating excuses for my actions.

Additionally, I know that when I lie in bed longer than 7 hours my body is achy. I must do some flexibility exercises just to feel conditioned for the day, and then I am able to put myself to the test both physically and mentally.

Now that I have reflected on and written all this, I am motivated – willing to take on the world today and tomorrow. Look out! I will be back on track.

I know in our daily lives communication is key. Starting with the voice in my head, I need to understand what my overall goal is for my ultimate motivation and then I must set parameters that allow me to work toward it. Contradictory? Maybe. And yet life is designed to be full of contradictions if we want balance.

Consider the yin and yang. Opposites attract. Young and old.

Although breaking down barriers is motivating, having boundaries allows it to happen!

The task is in allowing them both to work for us. Each of us can create our own strategy for this to work.  Then we can talk back to the voice in our head with our daily mantra.

When we manage our barriers and our boundaries for the voice in our head, we can move toward managing our barriers and boundaries externally with effective communication practices – leading, influencing, informing, seeking resolution. All these communication practices start with the practice of managing the voice in our head.

Look out bed! Tomorrow the alarm is going to win!

Want support here with managing your barriers and boundaries? Just ask. I can certainly relate.

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