From Security Blanket to Sport Coat

Yesterday’s Rethink the Security Blanket post introduced the idea Linus Van Pelt shares in Snowflakes of adjusting from wrapping his security blanket around him to donning himself in its splendor. As introverts, we usually wrap ourselves up in the blanket to avoid moving forward in social settings that make us feel anxious. We can take some action to rethink this so our comfortable assets become professional attire. We can use our natural operations as sport coats.

Consider the ways we operate as introverts:
1. We think before speaking.
2. We ruminate over a topic.
3. We dig deeply.

In our security blanket moments we use these operations to bury ourselves.

When thinking before speaking, we tend to let conversational moments go by. We think the topic has shifted, so we tell ourselves we cannot go back there and introduce our thoughts to a conversation that has moved on.

We ruminate over topics, usually in self-deprecating ways. So if we let a chance to contribute in conversation go by, we will beat ourselves up over it, play our conversation in our head and/or remind ourselves why we are such poor conversationalists.

We dig deeply. As the other two, if we use this operation as a security blanket, we fail to remember our value. When using as a security blanket we dig deeply to rethink the world and how it has changed from something we value to something we deplore. We are reminded of its fast pace, its disconnect with people and tradition and we feel further isolated.

However, in our minds we have the capacity to shift our operations to the attractive attire.

Introvert operations portrayed as Sport Coats
Thinking before speaking used to demonstrate wisdom, respect and decorum. It still does today, as long as we remember this perspective. It can calm us into sharing our thoughts concisely, simply and with conviction.

Furthering this with ruminating gives us stability in our convictions. It allows us to research, to interview, to explore our ideas. Seeing the value in our ruminations, as used for the good, furthers the notion that our natural operations lead to progress.

Digging deep is the essence of finding or creating meaning. I have displayed on my living room wall – We do not remember days. We remember moments. Moments are times of meaningful experience. They leave lasting impressions. Digging deep allows us and others to connect to emotions that inspire, move and influence. It is the nature of the introvert to create these moments.

Adjust from the security blanket to the sport coat. It will look very attractive and, better yet, lead to meaningful experience.

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