From the start – get motivated to speak!

If you want to take advantage of a speaking opportunity, then take your time planning, preparing and practicing in advance.

Let me suggest a few tips that could motivate you immediately.

  1. Picture how you want the event to end. Applause, heads nodding, smiles, bodies shifting toward you with hands extended, etc.
  2. Plan questions that unify them to the topic, then ask them first thing. You want them engaged from the moment you walk in front of them.
  3. Consider how you can create the result of #1- or one close to it – in the beginning. Celebrate who they are, if you know specifics (maybe you networked with them prior) share in what way they create awe, etc.
  4. Recall why you were invited to speak. Testimonials past presentations? Accomplishments? Believe you are the best one for the job.

Now get busy.

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