Get Clear

Once you are clear about your practice, commit it to writing and passionately communicate it to those inside and out.

Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Attorney


It took me several years to get clarity about my business focus. After I moved on from teaching high school speech, communication and theatre, I entered an exploratory phase of who I most wanted to serve and how best my presentation and communication coaching services could be delivered. Regrettably, this took me several years.

I shifted focus from educators, to small business owners, to nonprofit directors, to healthcare professionals to attorneys. That circuitous route of pitching my services sent me into multiple networking environments, gave me countless systems to create and led me to constantly shift my plan of action.

Because I lacked decisiveness, I wasted valuable time.  I let external forces shape my thinking on what I had to offer.  Had I been decisive, my services could have been committed to writing and passionately communicated, thereby giving me the focus I intended and giving others the solutions they deserve.

What are you trying to accomplish? Who is the best audience for you? Make these decisions and then commit. You will see results and become the expert for folks who value your commitment.


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