Get out of bed!

Remember the last time you couldn’t wait to get out of bed?

Was it because you were off to an adventure? About to recieve an award or honor? Had new clothes to wear? Finally heading out for a vacation?

Getting out of bed gets easier and easier when fun is attached. Our brain is charged with emotional buzz which awakens us, then engages our brain and then our feet start walking. Nothing like hitting the floor running!

If our regular days had fun, if our brains were regularly charged with emotional buzz, what then? How often would we hit the floor running, anticipate adventure, sport new smiles and grins and quickly fly out the door?!

Tomorrow I’m heading out of town to Miami FL, and I know I won’t need to hit the snooze. I will eagerly take on this adventure. I love the water, can’t wait to visit the awesome hotel overlooking both downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. Although I’m traveling for work, I also get to play. I can’t wait!

Any day that gives me adventure, that helps me laugh, grin and feel great is a winner. So often we forget the joys of life and seek comfort. Although comfort and joy can be a part of the same experience, it usually isn’t. Joy is based on moving forward, on seeking next steps, on getting out of bed!

As you set your alarm tonight, consider: Do you want to frown or do you want to grin? If grin, then get out of bed!

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On June 8th, 2010, posted in: consistency, Projecting, Self Value by