Get over it!


We all have our issues. Maybe shyness, perfection, rule-following, control. There are many things that create over-the-top and even underwhelming behavior patterns. We need to grow up and get over them. We are designed to speak, to not be perfect, to be human and to be flexible.

Here is another issue to get over that I have personally dealt with.

Not long ago I was paralyzed by the notion of having so mamny projects to prepare for. Not that I was over-extended. I wasn’t. I was in mental overwhelm, something that used to derail my thinking and freeze my activity. But at the foundation of all this was my honest fear of not creating the outcome others expect. Would I let them down?

Then I was not-so-gently chided to “get over it”. It was a good thing. Had I been gently chided, I probably wouldn’t have taken the suggestion to heart. But this chiding put me on alert. Yes, I had created self-sabotage. I had to get out of my head and into action, otherwise my mind would do me in.

What I discovered is when I stop my mind from rehashing my fears I enter preparation mode – researching, asking for information, following through with activities which get me closer to my goal. I can focus, think clearly and produce results. Sure, I may need to share my momentary emotional response simply to get it out of my head, but ruminating over it does no good for me or anyone else.

Have you found yourself in a state of paralysis or other child-like condition? Get over it.

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