Get Ready to Respond

The issue

We never know when we will be asked to speak but we do know we prefer to be ready.

How it could apply to you

This could occur during a meeting. Maybe our section leader asks us to give an update on a case or project. How do we want to appear?

We could be at a networking event when someone we know asks for our self-promotion pitch or wants our expert advice. Will our feelings get in the way of our response?

Because of our reputation, we could be asked to give an address at an upcoming event with peers or contemporaries. Both in that moment and at the event, should we accept, our ability to respond well sets the tone for those and many other impressions we make.

Are we ready?

When put on the spot, how do we respond?

If you believe it’s time to boost your public speaking skills, then do so before you’re caught off-guard.

It’s a skill-set that launches our abilities, our career momentum and our confidence. When we are ready to take that next step we start by committing to public speaking coaching.

What public speaking coaching addresses

  • Public speaking coaching gives us practice in speaking up, training us for times we expect to or not.
  • It helps us understand what about our communication style works or doesn’t work.
  • It helps us center our message and deliver it with poise.

Get ready to respond

Consider what you can gain from public speaking coaching and why this is beneficial to you. Sure, you can always learn something more about yourself and your abilities, yet the motivator can be to get more peace of mind, gain power, feel proud or simply enjoy seeing what you’ve got.

Contact me so we can get you started with individual presentation coaching or create a small group presentation coaching workshop series at your firm.

Get ready!






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