Get Real. Perfection is over-rated.

I get it. You strive for polished results, for handling all objections, and for being ready for everything. How is that working for you?

I know how that works for me. It keeps me awake at nights.

I worry there is something I’ve forgotten about just before the big event. Fill in the blank for what the big event is for you. For me it can be a keynote, a training or closing the next big deal. When I  operate outside my comfort zone (and often I do), I have a responsibility to self and others to drive results, to be conscientious, to create peace of mind and to assist with relationship.

But the more I try to get it right, the less I get real. And the less real I am, the less purposeful and successful.

Have you ever relaxed around someone overly polished? I don’t. When I am with someone who is so well-put together, I stiffen. I bet you do, too.

So when we plan our strategies for influencing folks, we do well to allow ourselves to be real. When I relax, others do, too. When I lighten the air with humble remarks, those listening are prone to do the same. Sure, we want to be at our best, and we are being responsible when we prepare well, but if we believe we cannot make mistakes, we somehow think we can’t recover.

Rather, in the moments of humility we are given the chance to show what we are made of.  How we respond under pressure demonstrates how we operate, what people really want to know about us.

So when planning for your next big event, ask yourself this question:

How will I respond when something happens that I haven’t anticipated?

Answer this question and you will find that not only will you be ready for this moment, you will know how to operate. Your answer may be, thoughtfully. In this case, you will take time to give careful thought to the circumstances.

Your answer may be, with positive energy. In this case, you will not let yourself be sabotaged.

Your answer may be, with humor. In this case, you will say or do something that cuts the tension in the room.

Get real. Planning for perfection is like planning to control the wind. It doesn’t happen. Instead, set a tone for how you will be real, in the moment. Then get some sleep knowing you can recover!




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