Getting Back to Thinking

King Solomon is legendary for his ability to discern judgment. Consider how he handled the issue of which woman was to keep the newborn baby when 2 claimed to be the mother. No DNA testing then, no experts or witnesses to speak on either’s behalf. So when King Solomon called for his sword to split the baby in two, the real mother called out in horror to let the other keep her child.

Getting back to thinking will save our world.

In a coffee I had with a great thinker, he shared with me his desire to see the world become less often doers and more often thinkers. Without thinking we rush into many complications, issues that needn’t command our focus or take our time. With thinking, we balance the necessary activity with productive reflection.

Introverts understand this value. They know the power of focus thinking provides and how it aligns our important values to our actions. Introverts in work environments, on teams and in leadership calm our energy and provide conscientiousness to responsibilities.

For the introverts who are forgetting their value, I offer a chance to think on this. Remember who you are and the power you bring to the world around – even when it tends to forget. For the extroverts interested enough to read and appreciate getting back to thinking, recognize and appreciate the value of the quiet, the introverted.

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  1. I’m definitely an amrviebt. People think I’m shy when I’m not I just need to get to know them more before I become talkative around them once I know someone better I will talk A LOT. I like to go in my room but I also like to go out with friends. So I am most definitely an amrviebt. Luv ya!!

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