Give to Get still applies to business

I learned pretty early that a key to happiness is giving. Though difficult during trying times, giving in the offering plate, at the blood bank, for neighborhood fundraisers and lemonade stands as well as when a good friend needs support, giving provides opportunity.

We generally see the opportunity from the eyes of the recipient, and when weighing our choices of where to focus our giving spirit, we give pause to how it will help, who will be the recipient and in what way the gifts will be used.

That’s when we forget the power of relief on our end.

Giving allows us to see once again what it’s like to share.

Recently I have seen my coffers filling with unanticipated funds. My first thought – give at the altar. I couldn’t wait to attend services on Sunday, simply out of desire to give and to walk away feeling I had done my part.

I like sharing, and yet I frequently oversee my funds with a frugal lens, being cautiously thrifty. At the same time I am so often the recipient of others’ good will that I am motivated to behave the same.

In business we tend to either push too hard to make the sale or give too much away. I have learned that the more we value what we have to give, the easier it is to sell. And the easier it is to sell, the easier it is to give. Soon, when our coffers fill up, we question why we ever doubted the selling process.

Give for the support of others.

It is when we give out of obligation, out of expecting to get something in return, that our gift falls short. So when we give, and give some more, and genuinely enjoy being a support for others, we can’t help but attract more interest on the part of others who wish to buy from us or to create opportunities on our behalf.

But what if we aren’t selling enough and need it, now? Give. Even the widow was rewarded for offering the majority of her poor, meager income.

Giving is not a logical decision. It isn’t based on spreadsheets and P/L reports. But it influences them.

Give to Get. Or Give to support. It’s an act that, when humbly and sincerely practiced, increases the giver’s awareness of philanthropy and humility. And it’s a tremendous business decision.

Is it time for you to get? Then give.

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