Give Your Listeners Clarity and You Give a Gift to Yourself

There are 3 things listeners want from speakers or those communicating with them. And you can tell from this title what one of them is – clarity.

When they listen to you, do listeners get clarity?

Rushing through our thoughts doesn’t give us time to understand them. And rushing through sharing our thoughts suggests we aren’t in command of them, nor does it allow listeners to be.

Again I ask, when listeners hear you, do they get clarity?

For you to know the answer, first ask yourself whether you are clear about what you’re saying. Do you know what is important to you and why it is? Can you articulate this in a single statement? Do you understand how you feel about it, how you want your listeners to feel or what you want them to do as a result?

Clarity requires thinking through.

If you want to be clear about your ideas and their significance, slow down to gain understanding. Think through using the questions such as those above.  Pause to think as well as to connect to the importance of your message.

Then, once you have slowed down, once you have gained understanding, help listeners get it, too. Use simple language to share it. And pauses. And slow pace, especially when sharing the more complicated parts. Connect your ideas, directly. Don’t force listeners to assume anything. State the obvious and it allows listeners to focus and understand.

Clarity, from the listener’s standpoint, requires their thinking through what they hear. Give them the chance to do so by holding the space for them. Pause. Slow down. Observe their ability to understand. State and re-state the point, the importance, the relevance and any action you challenge listeners to take.

When we give our listeners the gift of clarity, we receive the gift as well. Instead of rushing through your thoughts, take time to understand them. You gain command of them, allowing listeners to get one of the things they expect from you – clarity.

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