Got Energy to Burn? Practice Public Speaking using 5 Tips

Whether you are in leadership, sales, training or litigation, you may step into moments when butterflies in the pit of your stomach feel overwhelming. Not only is this common (most folks won’t admit to it), it’s common for folks who have excelled in performance.

As Victor Lipman points out in his post from 9.09.2015, “public speaking is a classic example of a function learned through practice…Take it from the examples of this eclectic famous five: Warren Buffet, Winston Churchill, Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Five exceptional public speakers who … once dreaded the limelight.   They all feared speaking in front of others.” (see above post for details)

What’s the first sign that you’re stepping into an uncomfortable moment? Your body responds with an adrenaline rush. Although it’s giving you energy to burn, we commonly misunderstand it as a reason to flee. That fight or flight syndrome which gives us survival is something we typically fear, and as a result, flee.

But that doesn’t burn off our energy. It stays with us, coursing through our system looking for ways to be useful. For me, when I choose to flee the situation instead of address it, my digestive system kicks into gear sending me to the nearest bathroom. For others, the unused adrenaline strips their throat and mouth of moisture, drying out their oral cavities and sending them to the nearest refrigerator or bottle of water. And for others still, perspiration pours out of their glands.

If you don’t like the way your body takes charge of your extra energy, then take over so it doesn’t have to end up like any of the examples above.

  1. Think. Your body is giving you fuel to make the most out of a challenging situation. Affirm that you aren’t a failure (which some equate the butterflies to). Instead, realize how much you care.
  2. Now you can share a useful and meaningful response, because you aren’t clouded by negativity.
  3. Be bold. The extra energy coursing through you supports you.
  4. Practice speaking and boldly saying the right thing.
  5. Practice in front of others so they can offer feedback you aren’t able to recognize, like what is working.

Julia Roberts, Warren Buffet others have felt just like you. And like them, don’t let your energy burn in undesirable wayslearn how to practice your skills and excel in leadership, sales, training or oratory.

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