8:26pm Gotta pocketful of sunshine. Yep, it’s October 28, not the time of year when natural sun shines through the blinds. Still gotta pocketful of sunshine.

Gliding through the hall with a Blue Moon in my right, a rhythm in my left and my feet clickin’ to the beat of Natasha Bedingfield while a smile stretches across my face.

Cats have cockeyed looks on their faces. Does this stand in my way? Oh, no. The beat keeps me focused, the 2nd track keeps the beat.

I gotta pocket gotta pocket full of sunshine, oh……I gotta love..gotta love that’s all mine…. Oh………..Take me away….

Usual routine is the kitten in my lap, but not tonight. Can’t even sit. Gotta stay in the groove.

Take me a way… the secret place….the great escape…. to better days…

I gotta pocket gotta pocket full of sunshine…….

Today another new client, a great event, business makes sense, life is purposeful…just gotta dance…I’ll be alright…..

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